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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 This week I had the distinct honor of chatting with Matthew David Hopkins about his newest love- Celebrations.   This photo sums up the feeling I got when I began talking to Matthew about this phase of his already dynamic and distinctive business.  So, lets enter the doors of this glorious world of scents, shapes and color and I will share with you my conversation- as well as some images that tell the story better than any words ever could.  

Matthew has an incredible dedication to what he does.   With a degree in architecture and a love of design, Matthew began his voyage of creating beautiful spaces by arranging flowers for restaurants.   He never really worked as an architect, but instead took his knowledge and used it to build a business creating dramatic, intimate and fun spaces for all kinds of events.   His creativity took root in the corporate world with 360 Design, a full service event design and production company.   This gave way to his most recent undertaking- Matthew David Celebrations.   Matthew's unique style combines sculptural pieces coupled with creative details to envelope your senses when you enter a space.   When Matthew David designs your wedding, he will enthrall you and your guests, inviting you to explore one aspect to another, from the first glimpse of the room right through to what the cake looks like.   
I asked Matthew how he goes about designing the vision of a bride. First he meets the bride and gets to know her.   What does she like to do, what is her favorite hotel, what is her vision of her wedding? He may ask her what her favorite color is.   Delving into a bride's head to find out what makes her tick.   At a second meeting, Matthew begins to draw a picture of what he feels will appeal to the bride's tastes.   He will show her colors, textures, things that create a visual message that " I see this for you".   At the creative meeting, ideas are shared and a plan is hatched.   Finally, Matthew presents a proposal, complete with all the elements of the design and the pricing.   Matthew creates a clear and scintillating picture that reaches into all of your senses and pulls out your imagination.   Almost like creating a work of art, Matthew uses color, texture, shape and light to paint a picture that speaks to your vision and to every one of your guests, establishing a beautiful and thought- provoking design decor that is unique to you and your wedding.   Drawing your eye from one place to another, guiding you through a wondrous story of the couple, this is Matthew's signature style.   Matthew is so ingenious that he will even create two bouquets for a bride- a white one for the ceremony and another one with a burst of color for the reception.    
 Speaking to Matthew was not only very interesting, but fun.  We share the same philosophy about our work.   Like me, Matthew takes a back seat to the bride.  He is there, not to be the star of the show, but to guide a bride through the process, bringing her personality and her vision to the fore.   Matthew believes that "style dictators" have no place in the industry.   It is your wedding and should be your vision.   So, you are not paying Matthew for HIS vision, but for his talent in making YOUR vision a reality.   These two weddings- Gotham Hall (above) and The Plaza Hotel (below) in New York are perfect examples of the amazing talent, incredible vision and attention to detail that Matthew produces every time.   His range of creativity is endless, his enthusiasm is infectious and his ability to reach into your head and pull out exactly the right combination of sensory elements is phenomenal!!!    I can only imagine how exciting it is to work with Matthew on such a momentous time in your life!   I can tell you, that it was exciting just talking to him about what he does!!   
Though based in New York, Matthew has worked all over the United States.   He is very accessible and willing to travel anywhere to make your wedding dreams a reality.   And, you could not ask for a a more down to earth, kind and talented person to orchestrate the complete organization and execution of your wedding day decor than Matthew.   For me, I can't wait to work together with Matthew in a wonderful collaboration of our first wedding as a team.    The most endearing thing I found to be true of Matthew is that he is so humble.   His talent is quite obvious and his client list is impressive.   But, he has not let it go to his head.   He remains true to his roots and committed to what is REALLY important- YOU, THE BRIDE.    I just fell in love with him!  It was an instant connection- one that you will feel too when you sit down with him to discuss your wedding day decor.  

If you want to make a statement that will live forever in the minds of every guest at your wedding and dazzle you again and again every time you look at your wedding pictures, then you NEED Matthew David Hopkins!  

Thank you Matthew for spending time with me and for sharing these images.  It was a privilege to have the opportunity and a blast to chat.  If you want to chat to Matthew about your wedding, you can do it HERE.   And, don't forget to mention that you found him on Bridal Affairs!  

Matthew David Celebrations
95 Morton Street
New York, NY 10014
212- 905-3000 

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