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Thursday, August 04, 2011


Brides are thinking outside the box. When I was asked, recently, to find a "raw space"- a warehouse, for a client, it set me to thinking about all the really unusual and edgy places to have a wedding. In my search for this perfect spot, I found so many ideas that I decided to share them with all of you savvy, edgy brides out there. There are museums, castles and old estates, still. But, now there are old factories, barns and magic gardens in the middle of the city- and all the unique food, finishing touches and attire to go with them. Let's take a trip into the edgy world of weddings.

Raw space- a term that has become a buzz word for some of these great locations. The Green Building in Brooklyn, New York is one of those raw spaces. Complete with its exposed brick, weathered wood and bare floor- oh, and a carousel- this venue i
s worth a look. Gotham Hall is a grand lady in the middle of Manhattan with a great hall and a smashing ambiance. In Philadelphia, there are several great location- The Power Plant, used to be a chocolate factory. Beat Street Station is funky venue in Manayunk that will set the tone for a very modern wedding. And, right in the middle of a block on South Street, there is the Magic Garden. A "graffitied" garden with a perfect combination of indoor and outdoor space. Another venue that is gaining popularity is the farm. I was surprised at how many local farms are available for weddings. The rustic charm of an old barn and the great outdoor photo ops are endless possibilities. I am just full of ideas for an offbeat and edgy wedding.

When it comes to buying your wedding gown, many brides don't want the traditional ballgown. I found everything from sleek and sexy draped designs to pants and everything in between. These dresses by edgy designers such as Tamman, Rosa Clara, Luisa Beccaria, Collette Dinnegan and others will floor you with their unique and gorgeous gowns.

If vintage is your idea of the perfect gown, then why not check out sites like Etsy, Posh Girl Vintage and The Frock. Another place to go for a fabulously different wedding gown is The Lane. This site is full of dresses that you will swoon over- from all over the world. And, if you want to be eco- friendly with your wedding gown, designers like Adele Wechsler and Amy Jo Tatum are worth looking into. No chance of duplicating friends getting married with any of these dresses. So, if you are daring and bold and really want to make a statement on your wedding day- dig into some of these designers and see what I found.
I must add a word of caution to this section of the post. When purchasing a vintage gown from a web site or ordering a gown from a designer who does custom work, be sure of your ground. Find out how they work and make sure that you have recourse and a place to take your gown for alterations. And, if you fall in love with a dress from a designer that isn't in the USA, make sure that you are able to purchase the dress here. There is so much information on the web. Not all of it is good and not all of it is practical. So, don't set yourself up for disappointment. I have done my homework for what I post and I try not to steer you wrong. But, no one is perfect and what works for some doesn't work for others.

So, now you have that funky venue and a smashing gown. Now, you need to accessorize with a headpiece befitting and edgy bride. These ideas from places like BHLDN, Suzy O'Rourke and ETSY are perfect. Headbands, flowers and feathers are modern alternatives to a veil and you won't feel the need to remove these right after the ceremony. Birdcage veils are also very trendy and work well with a vintage or more informal gown.

And, to finish off your look- your shoes. I love these great finds from Hey Lady. With names like Twinkle Toes and Princess Buttercup, you will get a chuckle out of finding the right shoes for you.

Don't be afraid of color. Red or blue or purple peeking out of the bottom of your
gown will be fun and imagine that shot of the shoes and the ring and the bouquet! Put a feather clip on your shoes or a flower to match the one in your hair. Use your imagination and have fun. Be daring!


Other elements of your wedding "picture" include the guys, the decor and the flowers. For inspiration and ideas you can browse sites like Style Me Pretty, Perfect Palette and Green Wedding Shoes for "styled shoots", photos of what a wedding can look like. Some of these images are just that. I love the feathered boutonnieres, the button cake and the lemonade stand. Some of the things you see on your web search of ideas for your wedding are from real weddings and some are these styled shoots. Be aware of what is possible for you. Things may look great in a photo,but are they practical. If you are one of these edgy brides, who can think outside the box and make your wedding dream a reality this way, then go for it. You may be able to re-create these ideas and make them your own. And, for a fabulous and "out of the box" photographer to take the photos or this smashing wedding- why not try Tyler Boye, G E Masana, Oak Street Studio
( who took some of these photos) or Gruber Photography. Why settle for typical wedding photos if you are having an atypical wedding.


Here is where we really take a leap into the realm of the edgy wedding. Food trucks! Imagine your guests being fed by these charming trucks with everything from gourmet burgers, to dumplings, to cupcakes. It takes food stations and the buffet wedding to a new dimension. Schnitzel and Things, Country Boys, MHO Gastrotruck Rickshw Dumplings and Go Burger are among this new craze. Do you have the imagination, are you bold enough to try this? I can't wait to have my client try this- and brick oven pizza too.

I took notes, I spent days and I followed up with everything in this post. There is so much more! Want to find out? There are endless possibilities and there are many roads to travel to the altar. This is one that is sure to put you and your wedding at the top of the heap! Want to know more?


bridechic said...

Thanks for the mention and tip on Suzy O'Rourke. Her head pieces are fabuloso! Her stuff will be great for a post sometime in the near future . ..

Bridal Affairs said...

She is fabulous!! A post about her would be a great idea and you would do it justice, I am sure!!

Barn Weddings said...

Lovely headpiece. And also I love those nice places.

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Thank you for the compliment about my wedding photography, Wendy!