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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Through the gate and into the enchanted garden of your wedding we go. What lies beyond the gate is the dream you have of flowering trees, a stone path and your groom at the end of it. So, here we go into the enchanted and exotic land of peacocks and willows and brilliant shades of nature- to your happily ever after.

We begin our journey with beautifully crafted invitations available on Etsy. These handcrafted and personalized invitations will set the stage for your fantasy come true. You can also add the beautiful ceremony programs, each tied with a satin bow and a real peacock feather. The linens that will adorn your table are lush and carry the peacock name. Perhaps, you will dine under a canopy of moss orchids. And, the light from lanterns hanging in the trees as the sun sets on your enchanted evening, and the guests dance the night away with the fairies flickering within. .

Imagine yourself entering this magical garden in a pale green gown by Vera Wang, with the breeze billowing the soft layers of tulle as you go. Your bouquet, not flowers, but a collection of brooches that were given to you by family and friends- and will never die. The groom and his groomsmen will wear peacock feathers on their lapels. A gift, from our beloved, a locket carried by two birds with a message only for you inside. When the evening is through and the guests have gone and you and your love return through that garden gate, you will have an enchanted memory of the day you became one. And, the knowledge that you and I made the dream a reality.

Follow me through, yet another garden gate.
This one an arbor in the country. The walk down the brick path to the waiting crowd of family and friends can't see you as you make your way in your
wisp of a gown. The colors or early summer, the smell of the peonies and the roses that you carry. When you arrive by the side of your love, he will be entranced by your similarity to the lovely flowers in the garden that surrounds you.
After you say "I Do", you will enter the clearing and the terrace to enjoy an evening of dancing and wonderful food. Again, the smell of the peonies- big, beautiful vases full of them and the David Austin roses that open just like the peony, but have the scent of an English rose. The table linens with the dainty embroidered rose and the soft organza fabric. Your cake, a garden unto itself with butterflies flitting about. Surrounding you are things that remind you of a day long ago, when tea parties and big hats and ladies stitching embroidery while the men played croquet. Pink lemonade and antique birdcages and hand tatted napkins. A grand affair in amongst the roses. Chandeliers hanging from the branches to give light to the evening. All the wonder of the day, brought to life by your dream and my knowledge. A team made in heaven, which is where you will find yourself when you depart down that brick path and through the arbor, hand in hand with your new husband.

So, before you walk through your garden gate into your enchanted wedding, lets talk about your vision and how I can help you make it a dream come true.

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