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Saturday, January 01, 2011


You're engaged! Now what? Where do you start? How do you start? What are the most important components of planning the perfect wedding? As I planner, I am always trying to find better and more interesting ways of helping my clients. What better way than to read what other professionals in the industry have to say. Here are some of the best answers to your questions.

Claudia Hanlin of The Wedding Library says-
Every bride needs four essentials at her fingertips to stay organized: a checklist, a budget tracker, a guest-list manager, and a floor plan
As soon as you have an idea of the size of your guest list, book the venue. By the six-month mark, your dress, florist, band, stationer, and photographer should be finalized. Four months out, it's time for the cake and catering tastings. The last month is all about the little things, like favors and seating charts.

And, when should brides enlist a planner?

Before you've booked anything. That person can help shape your vision and find a venue and vendors that will give you the most bang for your buck. If you wait too long, she may spend too much time getting up to speed -- and not enough of it executing ideas.

Some signs of a good planner?

First and foremost, she should be affordable. Her fee should be no more than 10 percent of your budget. Organization is also key. On your wedding day, you should feel comfortable about leaving everything in her hands. And her portfolio should be full of innovative examples that share your aesthetic.

Any advice for the very first meeting?

You'll be talking budget, so ask a lot of questions and make your expectations clear. About 50 percent of the overall cost goes to the venue, food, and beverages, which means everything else -- flowers, decor, stationery, your dress -- falls into the other half. You've got to verbalize what's most important to you, and then your planner can help you prioritize.

Speaking of budget, what do you say to couples who are trying to cut back?

Keep your favors simple. Give gifts or set up a candy bar -- not both. And don't go overboard on stationery. Spend on your invitations, which make the most impact, but don't overdo it on items like escort and menu cards.

What's worth the splurge?

Lighting. Without it, you've spent time and money on things that people can't even see. Videography is also worthwhile. Pictures are one thing, but a DVD that you can watch on every anniversary is priceless.

Colin Cowie advises-
I love weddings and I enjoy designing, planning and producing them. They are happy occasions celebrating the couple and helping jump start their life together. You'll find that everyone has an opinion including your well-meaning family members and your friends. Not only is planning your wedding the single biggest event you've probably ever planned in your life, it's also the first joint statement of style you and your groom make together. Most importantly, your wedding is all about you and needs to be a
personification of the two of you. I know it's a huge task, loaded with tons of details and logistics so I suggest you hire a professional to help you. Think about it, if you are ill you go to the doctor, something wrong with your taxes you see an accountant…therefore, seek the help of a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding. They'll help find the right vendors, pay the right price and keep track of the entire production while keeping you on track too. Ask your married friends for references, find out who helped them and if they were happy. Don't stop there, anyone you're considering to hire should have a few clients they can connect you with as a reference to give you peace of mind that you have the right person.

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