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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Last week, I did several posts about choosing a florist and what to look for. I decided that I should contact one of my favorites and ask her to help you in making one of the biggest decisions in the planning process. The way the venue looks and the flowers that you carry are so important. That's why I called on Donna of Beautiful Blooms to help. This incredible piece is only one of the many exquisite arrangements I have seen Donna create over the years. Donna and her talented staff have been published time and time again and are part of the Philadelphia Flower Show every year. Their work is top- notch and always impeccable. Donna also has a boutique of such pretty things, so that after your big day, you can continue to keep her lovely creations around your new home. Beautiful Blooms will not only fashion your flowers to make your wedding dreams come true. Donna's team can transform the room into a magical vision of beauty for your guests to enjoy. They can take care of all of your decor- start to finish.
From the ceremony to the reception, your wedding will dazzle your guests and give you lasting memories of a perfect wedding.

Here, in Donna's own words are the answers to some of the things I thought my readers would like to know about Beautiful Blooms...
How did you get started?

Donna: I was working in the Fashion Industry and on my way to London for a business trip a friend asked me if I wanted to take a Floral Design class with her. I grew up in London so I went over a few days ahead of my work schedule just to spend time with friends. I immediately loved the class and during my next business trip I took another class. Then I took workshops in NYC and in August 2002 I had help from a friend to establish a website and voila Beautiful Blooms was born.

BA: What is your inspiration?

Donna: I felt the industry at the time was lacking “Fashionable” Florals and I knew that I could create amazing looks with my background in color, texture and Fashion. The company started in my home and has now grown to 6 full time staff in our studio and 2 in our Floral Boutique.

BA: What do you want brides to know about you?

Donna: We offer unique and beautiful designs by using the best quality flowers and our “art” eye. The designs we create are designed not just thrown together. We have a whole team of professionals that help make every wedding a unique experience.

BA: Tell me about your business philosophy

Donna: Every wedding is custom designed. We are not a cookie cutter business and I pride myself on the amazing weddings we produce. I hire talented qualified individuals that take pride in their work just like I do. We become a part of the family and want to make our clients thrilled beyond belief.

BA: Tell me a little about your product

Donna: Our floral designs and event designs are always elegant and tasteful whether they are modern, woodsy or traditional. Quality in product and designs. We are know for our fine sense of style and aesthetic.

BA: What should a bride look for in a Beautiful Blooms Design ?

Donna: It’s all about the details from the perfect flower in your bouquet to the perfect napkin flower accent. We love what we do and it shows. Our designs are tailored and neat always.

BA: Why should a bride choose your company?

Donna: Because we care about our product. It is not just our business but our life. We want to shine and make our clients beyond happy and we have the team to make it happen.

BA: Describe one of your favorite weddings.

Donna: We did an enchanted modern garden wedding in NY and the client just said run with it. She said we love your style and we don’t want to put any boundaries on you. We did just that and the creativity of the team just ran wild and the client was THRILLED!

BA: Anything else you would like to talk about…

Donna: There are a lot of companies out there but we stand behind our product and we offer our clients and experience and fine customer service. We are here for them all the time throughout the process. We may not be the cheapest Floral Design company on the block but you get what you pay for.

When you trust in Beautiful Blooms to make your wedding dreams come true, you have wisely invested in your most special day. Donna's vision and commitment to every event she does is exceptional. Thank you, Donna, for giving me this time and for sharing some of your lovely creations with me and my readers. To see more of Beautiful Blooms in action or to read more about Donna and her work, visit Beautiful Blooms and Beautiful Blooms blog.


Rosa - Hummingbird Hall Destination Weddings in Jamaica said...

Gorgeous pomander style aisle markers! Great job!

Bridal Affairs said...

Beautiful Blooms is one of the best and most sought after florists in Philadelphia. Donna is published in so many mediums for her quality work. She is truly an artist.