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Monday, December 09, 2013


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting- and stressful things you will ever do!   And, to make it more daunting, you are bombarded with Pinterest boards, "reality" TV and too many web sites and too much "advice".    Recently, there was a 20/20 show about the wedding industry and how it overcharges just because you are planning a wedding and not a birthday party.  And, over the weekend, there was an article in the New York Times about the same thing.  This is just NOT true!    And, let me tell you why.

First of all, YOUR wedding is NOT a birthday party or a corporate event.  It is a once in a lifetime milestone in your life.   Professional people that work in this industry spend a great deal of time working with you on this one day.   Hours of prep time, interaction with you over a period of months, or even a year.   Editing photographs and video footage to bring just the right images to you.   Tastings and menus and choosing linens and chairs and cakes.   Helping you decide on just the right song to dance to with your new husband and choosing a playlist of YOUR favorite music.  Decorating your cake to look like your wedding vision.  All of these things and more go into making your wedding day a perfect memory for you to take with you on your life's journey.   

In addition, these people do this for a living.   This is their income- how they feed their families.   Just as other professions spend years in school or learning a trade, wedding professionals spend years honing their craft, staying on top of trends, learning new technology and investing in their business.   So that when you hire them for such a monumental event, they are prepared to do all they can to make it what YOU want it to be.   We are not all celebrities.    Most of us are just regular people, with regular lives.   But, we do this so that YOU can have that extraordinary moment in your life.   

Not every wedding professional is out of reach of a couple on a budget.   And, not every couple is suited for every professional- not financially, personality, style, etc.   So, when you go "shopping" for your wedding vendors, you need to do a little research, make calls, meet with people and then make an intelligent decision about who you will hire.   

Finally, you must decide what you can afford and then set about choosing professionals in your price range.   Know where to put the bulk of your money- what things are the most meaningful to you.   Your wedding doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful and elegant.   It just has to be about you and your new life together.   

We are NOT your enemy and we are not out to send you to the poorhouse or scam you.   Oh yes, there are thieves among us.  And, you must be able to figure out who is who.   Or, you can do the SMART thing and hire a planner at the beginning.   Our job is to keep you on track, on budget and help you choose the right people for your wedding.   We are really your best insurance for having a perfect day on a budget.  
Here is a note from a bride who was on a very tight budget and she had, with my help, the best day of her life!!   Believe me, we in the wedding industry are not out to get you.   We are here to help you plan the biggest and most wonderful event of you life.   So, don't buy into the idea that we are all trying to make more money from you because you are getting married.  This day is about your new life together and not about us at all.  That is what we are here for- YOU!  

The bottom line is this- you can plan a wedding on a budget.  But, you have to know what your budget is, what is most important to you and how to choose the right vendors for your needs.   Real weddings are beautiful because of the two people joining their lives amongst family and friends.   The rest is just eye candy.  And that eye candy comes at a price.   And, I personally don't know anyone who scams brides or overcharges when they hear the word "wedding".   Count on it!      


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