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Monday, July 23, 2012


I always work alone.  I have never had an assistant, have never sent someone else to run a wedding in ten years of business.   But, Saturday, I changed that and brought someone to help me.  The wedding had quite a bit of setup and there were lots of moving parts to the day.  So, I decided to retain help.   My choice could not have been a better one!   I asked my daughter to assist me with this one.   And, I am so happy I did!!   That's her, tying bridesmaids bows- in the black dress.  Not only was she right on whatever needed to be done, but she understands the way I do a wedding and I didn't even have to ask her to do anything- she just knew!  It must be in the genes.  But, it was as if she has always worked with me.   A HUGE and heartfelt thank you to my daughter, Meg for being my right arm and my lifesaver on this one!!   You were awesome!!


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