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Monday, March 02, 2020


Just look at these two happy people!!  Relaxed, fresh and having a great time.  And, why are they so relaxed?  Because they HIRED A PLANNER!  

Why is hiring a planner so important?  And, why should you hire one?  Because, I know you are thinking you don't need one.  Your mom will help. Your bridesmaids will help.  Your cousin, who isn't in the wedding will help.  Or, the best one- the venue has an on site planner.  

So, let's explore these options.  Your mother already has a job that day- she is the Mother of the Bride.  She should never be asked to handle the day of.  Your mom should be by your side, enjoying your happiness, helping you get ready, sipping champagne with you.  She should also be relaxed, happy and fresh.

Your bridesmaids are just that- your bridesmaids.  Giggling and chatting while having hair and make up done.  Sharing your joy.  Being there to share in this special day.  They will be needed for photos, for keeping you from being too nervous, for walking down the aisle and standing by your side when you say I Do.  They should be dancing, laughing and enjoying this blessed day.  

I know, you wanted your cousin to feel included because you already had too many bridesmaids.  So, let her hand out the programs.  Have her make a special toast.  Maybe she can create a photo book for your guest book.   I'm sure she has a talent that you can recognize.  Let her be a guest and enjoy your day with you.

AND- that on site planner-  they work for the venue!!  So. if there is a problem before the wedding, they don't help.  If the florist doesn't show up or is late, NOT their job to follow up.  If the venue closes before the wedding- oops!  There goes the venue AND the "planner"!   Somehow, I don't think you want to have to face that scenario alone!  On site coordinators are only there for the day.  They work for the venue.  They may or may not know how to do your bustle.  They may have some thread to fix a button- but, they sure don't have an emergency kit to handle any emergency.  They haven't worked with your vendors for the last 6 months to a year to help you navigate all the ins and outs of a wedding day.  They don't really know you- because they haven't invested the time to get to know you.  And, some of them are hard to find on the big day.

So, what to do?!  A seasoned wedding planner will be there for whatever happens from beginning to end of the planning.  A planner will help you navigate the journey to the altar.  A planner will recommend vendors that are reliable, professional and do a great job.  A planner will know how to do a bustle, have an emergency kit, be at the venue before you to make sure everything is how you envisioned it, interact with all of the vendors before the wedding, have all the contact numbers, names and other info needed to keep the day moving.  AND, THIS PLANNER will know how to get car grease off of a satin gown, how to totally reinvent a wedding in two weeks if the venue shuts down, can alter a dress on site if needed, can make a bouquet, can be a counselor, a referee and a mentor from the moment you say Yes until you say Good Night to the last guest.  

Don't cheat yourself.  Don't play Russian roulette with your wedding day.  And, PLEASE, don't let an amateur or a friend be responsible for such an important day.  Everybody has a purpose in your wedding day.  Mine is to make sure there are no problems, no stress and that the magic happens.  My job is to make sure YOU are as happy as these two were on their wedding day!!  

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