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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


One of my first weddings was here, at Wave Hill, on the Hudson in New York. The bride was a producer for 60 Minutes and everything had to be perfect! Enter one of New York's finest caterers- Great Performances!! It was a glorious affair! So, how thrilled was I when asked to reconnect with Liz yesterday!!! Great Performances is the exclusive caterer at Wave Hill and several other premier venues in New York City, 
including The Plaza Hotel. 

Liz Neumark is the creative force and owner of this finely tuned company, and she never misses a beat! Working with Liz and her team is a pleasure and so easy. Her attention to detail and her philosophy about a bride's wedding day are right on the mark.

Great Performances has a new Wedding EPK- to tell the story of what they can and will do and keeping brides abreast of trends on the cutting edge of weddings and food. The list of possibilities is only as limited as your imagination. With stunning venues, a professional team of experts on all facets of weddings and menus that are fresh, seasonal and from local sources. 

Liz began her journey as an artist, with a passion for photography. She formed a company providing waitress help for special events- employing women in the arts who needed steady work. And, "by accident", as Liz likes to refer to it, Great Performances was born. Today, she maintains one of the top catering companies in New York AND owns a farm where many of the ingredients are grown for the company.

Katchkie Farm , a 60 acre farm in NY state, is home to many of the vegetables, herbs and spices used in making the the beautiful and delicious dishes that will be served at your wedding. Liz wanted a sustainable and environmentally respectful approach to her kitchens, with farm inspired dishes and a collaborative effort with other local food sources. She uses flavors in season and creates menus based on what is fresh and growing NOW.

I asked Liz about some of the things her culinary team creates and my mouth was watering as she described soups, ravioli, hors d oeuvres and other delectable goodies that evolve out of the Great Performance kitchens.

In addition to the wonderful culinary delights of Great Performances, you will find no shortage of other creative geniuses at work at Great Performances. Your wedding will be styled from start to finish- with every design detail tailored to your vision. From artistic table top design to unique serving pieces, to your printed materials, everything will be impeccable and a treat for the eyes.

The creative team at Great Performances also stays current on all the latest trends. Farm tables, small plates, creative venues, unique ways of serving food, gluten free menus, all things that are trending. Staying at the top of her game is Liz's priority. Liz has catered to celebrities, top corporations and those that understand the quality and expertise of Great Performances.

I look forward to collaborating with Liz on more weddings and I am thrilled to be able to share Great Performances with all of you! Thanks to Liz and her team for always doing an outstanding job and for the opportunity to share your success with my readers! To contact Great Performances:

Great Performances Inquiry

Happy Planning! 

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