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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This woman is a pro. I manage events and live theater for a living. I found Wendy from a website that promised me an hour long free phone conversation with a wedding planner if I filled out a form online. I filled out the questionnaire and then Wendy called me. She was great. She gave me ideas and listened to me for the hour. I thought that was all I would get, but Wendy decided that she was going to continue to help me. So she offered her help for me for the actual day of my wedding . We agreed on a price, and this amazing woman DROVE to Chicago. Who does that? She wanted to make sure she had a car with her, since I didn't have a car. Smart lady. Rental cars are stupidly expensive in Chicago - and I couldn't afford that.
This amazing woman came to my rescue in CHICAGO. She lives in PA. We made arrangements for her to come all the way here the day 2 days before my wedding. She sat in my living room fighting with my venue for my right to have time to decorate the venue prior to the wedding. (They scheduled an event prior to my ceremony because they didn't have the right schedule on their books). My husband-to-be lost his parents, and my mom is gone as well. Wendy stepped in as my mom. And she made sure that I didn't get stressed when things weren't happening as I had planned. She couldn't stop these problems, she was trying to help and fix them. I couldn't have gotten through this wedding without her. Since she was in PA, I set up all the vendors on my own. But this woman....she took all of this with stride. She managed my day - practically blind - since she didnt set it all up. She was my day of coordinator, my best friend, my mom and my "You [vendor] will do this because I said so" go to person. My wedding was way better because I found her from a random Google search. Thank goodness.
Wendy is a pro. Wedding planning isn't easy. It is about personalities. She does her best to fight for the bride! She is a winner to me. Period.

Wendy was truly my wedding angel!  At first I was hesitant to get a wedding planner, I thought “ that’s for those crazy rich people. I can’t afford one”. Well, I have to say, "you can’t afford NOT to hire one!" Having Wendy actually saved me money, not to mention time, and honestly, my sanity!  
We started working with her about a year before our wedding when my fiancé and I just couldn’t find a venue that fit our budget or was available when we wanted to get married.  We had some rather difficult criteria as well.  I being a chef, wanted amazing, local, seasonal food, and my fiancé, an architect, wanted “ a nice approach and great ambiance”.  I was ready to give up and resign myself to the fact that we just couldn't have the wedding we wanted.
Enter Wendy-she showed us several amazing places and when she took us to Barley Sheaf in New Hope, well, we just fell in love! 
All the vendors she recommended were fantastic as well. The florist made the most exquisite centerpieces using fresh vegetables as well as beautiful flowers. Guest couldn’t stop complementing me on them for being so gorgeous, unique, and so fitting for my personality. I also couldn’t find a wedding dress under $1000 anywhere in NYC. She recommended a few places and I found the most stunning dress in my budget. She came with me to fittings and picked up my dress on wedding day after it was pressed. 
I have been working with Wendy, since October 2013 and my wedding was  August  23rd 2014 and she has never been anything but professional, honest, punctual, and efficient. She was intuitive, took care of everything I asked her. I loved that I could ask her to handle things and know they were handled!  My friend also hired Wendy after I recommend her, and she too was extremely pleased with her work!
Where she really saved my life was the day before and day of the wedding. My fiancé and I got lost on the way to our venue picking up some last minute things, my aunt was having issues with her hotel room, catering for rehearsal dinner needed to be picked up, someone needed to meet with the alcohol vendor, place cards needed to be finished  and a bunch of other little things that my fiancé and bridal party were going to do. The our phone died while we were literally in the middle of nowhere and Wendy took care of it all. She picked up the catering, solved the hotel issue for my aunt, met the alcohol courier, and helped in greeting the guests while we were finally on our way. 
When I arrived the venue she said “ give me all that you need to do, go relax, settle in and I will take care of it all!”  And miraculously she really did!  I was able to relax and actually enjoy the rehearsal dinner instead of having to worry about all the last minute things that I had planned on finishing that day.  It’s unforeseen situations like this that  make you realize a wedding planner is invaluable.  I was able to enjoy my wedding day more than I think any of my friends were able to.  Even my mother and aunt commented on how they had never seen a bride as calm and relaxed as me  during a wedding, my reply “ It’s all thanks to Wendy!”
Having worked with her for almost a year, I really got to know Wendy. I can’t even call her my “planner”, she is now a cherished friend and I recommend her to everyone without any hesitations or reservations.  

"I'm convinced that Wendy is living proof that there are ANGELS living among us; the determination, stress, and work that Wendy will take on to ensure her brides have peace of mind & enjoy their evening free of worry.... well, let's just say that I truly feel that the value of Wendy's service is absolutely priceless, she resolved some errors with our caterer's quotes that saved us almost $2,000! Wendy is a NINJA... A friend mentioned my bustle had come undone & as soon as I looked behind me, Wendy was already there! She made it look easy, snapped it into place & disappeared again!

She's so wonderful there just aren't enough words! Her profile says: "You will NOT find a better value or a more experienced or dedicated planner!" and I can verify both of those statements are absolutely true!

OH!!!!!! AND even if you think you don't need her, here's something you may not have thought of... Wendy not only set everything up, but also made sure everything was packed up and got it to wherever it needed to be at the end of the night. Even if you think you can plan the whole event yourself... just hire Wendy for the rehearsal & day of.. it's completely worth it & you will thank me!!!!!!!

My mother and I insisted on hiring her for my little brother's wedding (BEFORE HE GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!)"

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