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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hair and make up for your wedding doesn't have to be a trial. Don't try to be someone else on your big day! Be the best of yourself. If you don't wear a lot of make up every day, then go for a natural look on the big day. If you like to play up your eyes- then go for it. Hot weather brides may like one of these soft up- dos instead of tight curls. See your stylist before the wedding and try some different looks. And then, don't change your mind on the morning of your wedding. Be happy with the style you practiced. Find a make up artist who understands your needs and listens to you. Remember that they do this job every day, so don't be a tyrant, but don't be taken advantage of either. Don't get a facial the week of the wedding and don't pluck your eyebrows the morning of! Try a skin care class or a virtual makeover like the one offered by Tara Hallston. She has a great bride's package for skin care and make up application. Check out her web site and get her tips. This episode of "Road to the Altar is a perfect example of what not to do for your wedding hair and make up- and your flower girls! They look like little pageant cuties! BAD! The episode is very funny though! Have any of you felt like this at your trial?

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