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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


...and welcome to the Wired 96.5 Bridal Show!" Ok- now what do I say?! I have been thinking about what to say to 3000 brides about me and what I do. I even asked you all to help me. But, alas, no one has asked! So, I guess I will start with Brideblog- Advice from a Recent Bride and her advice on hiring someone like me- oh wait, there is no one else like me. Maybe that is where I should start! She says, " hire a coordinator". And, she isn't the only one. If I look back in my archives, I have been told by many a bride that it was the best thing they did or the worst thing they didn't do. Of course, I have to tell my captive audience about what the catering manager won't do and how many details come up the last few weeks and... I have 25 minutes to fill!! I better come up with some other pointers. anyone can still chime in. You have until the 18th to give me your questions! I'm waiting!!!

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One Love Photo said...

I completley agree that hiring YOU or someone like you is the best thing a bride to be can do. Can't wait to hear the questions and of course the advice.