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Friday, April 12, 2013


Blackberry mint julep blended with ice
 I love it when creative people ask me if they can share what they know on my blog.  Today, I have a great idea for your wedding that will save you money and also give you and your bridal party a reason to get together.  Thanks for sharing this with me, Michelle Pino!! 

Brides and grooms spend much time and money trying to make their weddings stand out with the latest trends. (I think we can all be grateful the dancing down the aisle fad is dead.) A trend that has gained strength in 2013 is the signature cocktail, blended specially to reflect the bride's and groom's tastes and the theme of their wedding. The good news is that this trend is delicious and elegant. The better news is that it can save the loving couple money while giving them that unusual element they want at their celebration.

This wedding planning activity is one the entire wedding party can get behind. Imagine a fun
evening devoted to mixing and tasting different blends of cocktails to find the one that not only tastes great but is also in one of the wedding colors. Even if you hate the culinary arts, this is one recipe you'll love mixing up. Experiment with vodka, gin, whiskey, scotch, tequila and sweet liqueurs, like amaretto, Kahlua, orange liqueur, and Irish cream. Then bring in juices, milk, bitters, grenadine, etc. and sip your way to a signature drink.

Surprisingly, serving one signature drink at the reception is cheaper than having a full bar
because the bride and groom can order the liquor and mixers in bulk. The drink can both look and taste festive and, through its color, enhance the decorations at the reception. The drink is special and the savings can be used for some extra honeymoon time. Now that situation is a win/win.

Signature drinks work even for a non-alcoholic reception. Mock-tails are delicious and keep
guests from getting tipsy and knocking over the cake and insulting the bride's choice of
husbands. The mixing party will still be fun; the guests will just be better behaved.

The signature cocktail is a bridal trend we can all drink to, over and over again. Forget all the
other fads that have hit the bridal industry: this one is worth the time and trouble. The bridal party will be happy; the guests will be happy; and whoever is paying for the event will be happy as well.

Here is a signature drink recipe that you can try at home. The Bermuda Rose Martini is a crisp, tasty drink inspired by the warm weather, hence the word “Bermuda” in the name. This makes a perfect signature drink for the upcoming spring and summer weddings. Mix and experiment with different recipes to find the best match for your wedding.

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